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Rafael Palmeiro

Posted on: January 4, 2011 3:14 pm
Why am I not surprised, after keeping quiet for so long, do I hear Rafael Palmiero speak out, not so coincidentally a week before the vote for baseball's Hall of Fame, just to say "I never took steriods" again?
Apparently, timing is everything.
It seems to me that the last time we saw Palmeiro, he was slinking away from his somewhat fervent declaration of innocence being thrown in his face. It's amazing that these cheats, who never thought that they would be found out, and so quick to deny any involvement, only to have to proven. Then, we get the inevitable, "it was a one time thing, I thought it was something else, it was someone else's fault". What happened to "I didn't do it."?
Yeah, right.
Seeing as how steriods were so rampant in the sport, I would suggest an Amnesty for players. Come out and admit what you did, serve some type of community service project to clear your name, and in exchange, we will restore your good name to the game and make you eligible to participate in Major League baseball again, and it's honors. I still think it was horrible that Mark McGwire was allowed to join the Cardinals as a hitting coach without any type of real reconciliation with the fans that he cheated. There's no denying what players like McGwire, Bonds, Palmiero and Clemens did on the field. For that, they deserve to be recognized as Hall of Famers. At the same time, until they can be real men, and have the character to admit their wrong doings, I don't believe they deserve to be admitted. If Pete Rose can be kept out of the Hall of Fame for his character, it's awfuly hard to justify the inclusion of any of these athletes as well.
It's really kind of a Michael Vick solution. Come nad pay your penalty and then we will give you another chance. At least some good potentially comes from the situation. 
Until someone comes up with an equitable solution for everyone, though, I say leave these guys out- all of them. 
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